From shared peak experiences and combining the fusion of art and performance, the Dragon Frame of Mind is set on exploring the unknown, while continuing to unite the worlds and personas that make up our alliance. While tapping into the imagination that connects the dots between sport and creativity, we’re compiling an assortment of footage that showcases the personalities and what inspires our Dragon family members.



Since the beginning, Dragon set out to be the leading eyewear and accessories brand in the active youth lifestyle market by supporting the best athletes with premier products, while remaining connected to core retailers and consumers. That mission still holds true today and remains to be the driving force behind the company’s triumph and heritage.

From a garage in Capo Beach, CA in 1993, founder Will Howard aimed to build a company that encompassed his affinity for surfing, snowboarding, and riding dirt bikes. Eagerness and a niche expertise of the market bore Dragon’s first and still primary product – sunglasses. Initially distributing to local surf shops before expanding brand awareness in Hawaii and Florida, Dragon would soon develop a global reach, eventually appearing in the Australian and European marketplace.

Dragon gradually broadened its reach, while simultaneously developing innovative and diversified product offerings in the eyewear category. With an emphasis on creating functional and premium merchandise, our brand has stayed true to its appeal in the youth market, while continuing to push the status quo. Introducing an assortment of innovative product early on, we saw an opportunity to add snow goggles to the line by associating ourselves with the community in snowboarding.

We loved riding and realized snowboarders were treated like second-class citizens just like us as a start-up, so we thought that would be a good match. From there, Dragon has recruited tenured snowboarders like Jamie Lynn and Chris Roach, while consistently seeking out up and coming talent. 25 years later with plenty of ride days under our belt, we’ve since established ourselves as a pioneer in the snow goggle business.

Dragon’s innovative approach in product development has led to prominent market progressions, including the very first frameless goggle known as the NFX, which launched in the winter of 2011. One of the most sought after goggles in retail, this style has continued to revolutionize the snow market. Key sunglass frames like the JAM, Domo, and Viceroy have also shaken up design novelty throughout the years, remaining as some of the most popular shapes in our lineage today. Throughout our approach to design, we’ve always counted on the feedback of our riders, which has enabled us to continually push the boundaries in creating unique and original product ranges.

With top-level products and athletes in mind, our roster has grown to include some of the most influential snowboarders, skiers, surfers, and motocross riders in the world. As the story continues, Dragon remains true to our roots with original team riders like Jamie Lynn and first surf team rider, Shane Dorian still on the roster today.